We tell you how fast to run. We give you a target pace and guide you each time you run. As your training progresses, you perform different runs at different paces. Each pace has a different purpose: endurance, speed, or power.

See your fitness improve with our unique heart rate based
fitness tracking tools.

Get better faster. Tracking your fitness allows us to update your target paces so you always train at optimal intensity — not too slow and not too fast. You get the most fitness benefit out of each run.

How to use RunX Fit

Set your Training Paces first, whatever your experience level. These paces are specific to you based on your current fitness.

Next, perform a Baseline Run. We use this later to determine whether your fitness has changed. We determine fitness changes based on your heart rate, so wear a Heart Rate Monitor.

Train for the next few weeks. If you run for general fitness and are not following a training plan, perform most of your runs at your “Base Pace” to increase your fitness and build strong legs without getting injured. Otherwise, follow your training plan.

Perform a Fitness Test to see your progress.

Update your training paces when your fitness changes. If your fitness improves, you must perform your workouts at a faster pace to continue to improve.

RunX Fit Training Plans

RunX Fit Training Plans incorporate our patented training tools. You receive a target pace for each workout. Baseline, Fitness Test, and Pace Update Runs are automatically scheduled so you can track your fitness progress. Included free are two 5k Training plans - one for beginners and one for more experienced runners.